Smart Specialization Forum

September 26, 2018, Tarnow
September 27, 2018, Krakow

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Forum of Intelligent Specializations is a two-day event that will take place in Tarnów (first day) and Cracow (second day) to meet and exchange ideas and experiences of the science and business sector. There will be discussion panels on the following subjects, among others:

  • Building a platform for international cooperation in the field of research and investment
  • Sustainable energy (trends in the energy sector, regulations and laws in the energy sector, European tools in the field of resource efficiency, blochain energy)
  • Creating startups
  • Modern business services
    Entrepreneurs will have the chance to meet foreign contractors, scientists and establish international contacts in the sphere of business and research.

The forum is also a great opportunity to get acquainted with the most innovative products / services of Małopolska entrepreneurs. The winners of the competition will be awarded during the 12th edition of the Innovator Małopolska gala.


Day I – September 26, 2018 – Tarnow

The Smart Specialization Forum

- President of Tarnów Roman Ciepiela
- Director of the Center for Technology Transfer CUT Ph.D. Jacek Kasz
17:10-17:20Presentation – The Business Boost for Małopolska Project summary.
The Smart Specialization Forum introduction
- Project Manager Łukasz Blacha - Department of Economic Development of the City of Tarnów
17:20-18:00Moderated discussion – How to start the Startup? – is it a trend, a need or maybe a strictly business?

Sebastian Kolisz - Director of Growth Business Link Kraków & Academic Business Incubators
Kraków / Kielce / Rzeszów

- dr inż. Daniel Król
- Academic teacher, inventor, Head of the Department of Computer Science at the Polytechnic Institute of the State Higher Vocational School in Tarnów
- Waldemar Franczak - CEO of Spectator
18:00-18:20Presentation – The Azoty Group R&D Centre development (TBC)

- Rafał Jakubowski - Director of the Chemical Technology and Development Center
18:20-18:50Moderated discussion – The New smart specialization for the city of Tarnów: BPO/SSC/ICT sector. (TBC)

Rafał Kurczab - Proxy of the Rector of the PWSZ in Tarnów for research / Polish Academy of Sciences

- Roman Ciepiela - President of Tarnów
- Tomasz Owsiak - Finance and Administrative Director CH2M - Jacobs
- Industrial Development Agency S.A.
- Association of Business Service Leaders in Poland (ABSL)
18:50The Tarnów Innovation 2018 Award Gala.

Day II – September 27, 2018 – Krakow

 Day II

prof. dr hab. eng. Jan KAZIOR - Rector of the Cracow University of Technology
Jacek Krupa – Marshal Office of Małoposka Region
Director of the Center for Technology Transfer CUT Ph.D. Jacek Kasz
17:15-18:30Moderated discussion - Power & Energy – what’s new?

- Blockchain Energy
- European tools for resource efficiency
- Trends in Energy sector – S2B
- Energy law and regulation

Moderator: Dawid Jarosz

Grzegorz Nowaczewski - President of Virtual Power Plant
dr. Eng. arch Marcin Furtak - Director of the Małopolska Laboratory for Energy Saving Construction
Izabela Ratman-Kłosińska - expert in European Resource Efficiency
Knowledge Center
Piotr Góralczyk - Managing Director of LUCID GROUP
18:30-19:30Awards Gala „Innovator Małopolski 2018”

Exhibition of the Institute of Landscape Architecture at the Cracow University of Technology:
Contemporary tendencies and technologies in arrangements of public spaces
Coordinators of the exhibition: Vice-dean of the Faculty of Architecture dr hab. eng.
Katarzyna Łakomy
Ph.D. eng. Wojciech Rymsza-Mazur

– award for innovative companies from the region


The competition is organised by Enterprise Europe Network at the Technology Transfer Centre – Cracow University of Technology and by the Marshal Office of Małopolskie Voivodeship.

Who can participate and how to apply?

The competition is addressed at all start-ups, microenterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises, having a registered seat or branch in Małopolskie Voivodeship.
The competition is open to all service providers, manufacturing companies and other enterprises which have successfully developed new products, novel solutions, unique services and innovative operating methods.

What are the competition stages this year?

The competition is divided into two stages. Under stage one, competition forms submitted by participants will be verified and a special Assessment Board will analyse them and invite the best enterprises to the final stage of the competition. Then a technological audit of each enterprise will be carried out by specialists from respective industries and by experts from the Enterprise Europe Network project. On the basis of the audit a report will be drawn up on the level of innovation of the submitted technology, service or product. Based on the auditors’ recommendations, the Assessment Board will select the best enterprises in each of the four categories, and the results of such voting and thus the results of the competition will be presented during a special award gala (this year, the gala will be held on 27 September 2018).

What is the award and who grants it?

The Assessment Board is appointed by the Rector of the Cracow University of Technology, who is also the Chairperson of the Board. Other members of the Board include people of science and business, as well as local government representatives.
The main award is the title of Innovator Małopolski, a statuette with a commemorative diploma, and a broad promotional campaign in the media. The winners may also use the competition logo for two years. A special award is also funded by ING Bank Śląski SA.

What are the benefits of participation?

Each edition of the competition attracts several dozen enterprises willing to compete for the title of the most innovative project in the region.

Innovator Małopolski is a competition for the best and the most innovative enterprises from Małopolskie Voivodeship, organised for 12 years now by the Technology Transfer Centre – Cracow University of Technology in cooperation with the Marshal Office of Małopolskie Voivodeship.

The main aim of the competition is to promote and encourage companies to seek innovative technological solutions. The award means prestige and a title distinguishing the enterprise among others and symbolising successful business. The enterprise is widely promoted not only at the regional or national level but also abroad through the Enterprise Europe Network project co-financed by the European Commission and the state budget.

editions of the competition

Companies participating in all editions

have applied

are in the final


Tomasz Ziętek Emson-Mat

Vertical Wind Turbine – self-supporting structure without poles, innovative rotor without propeller shaft, innovative silencing of turbine operation and innovative bearing system design.

MoFeMa sp. z o.o.

ZuzaMED KTG – an innovative medical device for monitoring pregnancy.

Zuza performs the analysis of fetal well-being on the basis of the child’s pulse measurement.


RELIM Arkadiusz Mikler

Flexible Fastening Bracket – made of elastomer (high resistance to stretching and shape memory), universal in application (you can attach with it an object of any shape on any plane).


AV SENSOR 2000R – two-channel, fully configurable module for continuous radio network monitoring and diagnostics of machines.

DAN-ROB Daniel Kubacki, Robert Tomzik Spółka Jawna

Device for transverse cutting of corrugated pipes of various diameters within the crest of the pipe fold.

FlyTech UAV sp. z o.o.

UAV BIRDIE – drone for flying wing (airplane) applications in geodesy.
A drone with an optical sensor, a ground station and a dedicated application.

INTERMAG sp. z o.o.

BACTIM SŁOMA – innovative and protected by three patent applications biopreparation for decomposition of crop residues, which improves soil structure, increases water capacity, increases biological activity.

stimulates the growth and development of the root system and increases the yields.


1000 realities sp. z o.o.

Real support. Support for industrial workers using the framework for virtual reality training.

FindAir sp. z o.o.

FindAir ONE inhaler pad collecting data for each drug use and circumstances of health deterioration.

It saves data in the application to present it to the physician and to monitor the health status.


Medical Simulation Technologies

The transesophageal echocardiography simulator (TEE) is an important element of comprehensive heart diagnosis.

The software includes models of authentic patients’ hearts, a light phantom and a manipulator similar to the TEE probe.



The order of applications decides on registering at the Smart Specialization Forum. Preferance is given to entrepreneurs from Małopolska, representatives of public institutions and universities.




Technology Transfer Centre
Cracow University of Technology.

Warszawska 24,
31-155 Krakow

12 628 20 45

Contact persons:


TARNOW – Day 1

Tarnow City Hall

Łukasz Blacha
– Project Manager,
“Business Boost for Małopolska”
Tarnów City Hall

+48 14 688 28 00;
+48 665 100 437;

Maciej Stepek
– Project Promotion Specialist, “Business Boost for Małopolska”
Tarnów City Hall

+48 14 688 27 34;
+48 14 688 28 20;
+48 501 083 591;


KRAKOW – Day 2

Technology Transfer Centre

Magdalena Mikołajczyk
– Project Coordinator for foreign investment and international cooperation
Technology Transfer Centre – Cracow University of Technology

+48 12 628 20 45;
+48 693 443 509;

Projekt realizowany przez Centrum Transferu Technologii Politechnika Krakowska w partnerstwie z Urząd Miasta Tarnowa, współfinansowany przez Unię Europejską ze środków Europejskiego Funduszu Rozwoju Regionalnego w ramach Regionalnego Programu Operacyjnego Województwa Małopolskiego na lata 2014-2020. Oś Priorytetowa 3. Przedsiębiorcza Małopolska. Działanie 3.3 Umiędzynarodowienie małopolskiej gospodarki. Poddziałanie 3.3.1 Promocja gospodarcza Małopolski.